Gelles Cellars

Age-Worthy Wine That Matures To Expressive Beauty & Elegant Complexity

Established in 2010 Gelles Cellers expertly crafts artisan wine with an attention to detail that can only be achieved one lot at a time. We produce just 250 cases each year.

Although our wine can be enjoyed immediately, our wine is intended to be aged to allow its mood and character to evolve over time.

Elegance For All Occasions

From Glass To Dish, Gelles Cellars Believes In A Well Rounded Dining Experience

That is why Gellas Cellers makes small batches of Verjus, a well rounded flavored vinegar substitue made form immature wine grapes. Use in place of vinager, Verjus is used for cooking and drink mixes.

Verjus, A Vinager Substitute

Conveniently Located in West Richland, Washington State

Based in the heart of Washington’s Wine Country, Gelles Cellars tasting room offers a variety of wines to sample from. 

Tasting Room